6 Essential Life Tips for People With Sensitive Skin

March 10, 2016

Living with skin that seems to react to everything you touch can be a struggle. Wasserman Ulitsky Dermatology offers six essential life tips to help anyone with sensitive skin get through the day easier.

1. Avoid Long Baths and Showers

It might seem counterintuitive, but spending long periods of time in a bath or shower actually works to dry out the skin. This is because baths and showers actually strip the skin of its natural oils, fats, and proteins. Keep the bath or shower to no longer than five minutes whenever possible.

2. Use Lukewarm Water, Not Hot

Bath or shower water that is too hot can affect the skin much like a sunburn, causing it to inflame, turn red, itch, and even peel. Using lukewarm water is ideal to protect the skin.

3. Use Moisturizer Immediately Following a Bath or Shower

The best time to use moisturizer is right after you finish your bath or shower and dry off with a towel. When you can, pat dry your skin instead of rubbing it roughly with the towel. Then apply the moisturizer.

4. Invest in Fragrance-Free Detergent

Fragrance-filled detergent might smell nice, but there are many toxic chemicals that go into making this synthetic smell. Use natural detergent instead.

5. Avoid Fabric Softener and Dryer Sheets

For the same reason you should use fragrance-free detergent, avoid using fabric softener and dryer sheets, as their clean smell actually comes from toxic chemicals used to create a synthetic scent. Tossing tennis balls into the dryer with your clothes works just as well to reduce static on dry clothing.

6. Wear Cotton Clothing

In addition to being durable and great at controlling moisture, cotton clothing is naturally hypoallergenic and rarely causes skin reactions. This is why the material is also used in medical products such as gauze and bandages.

See Your Dermatologist for More Information

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