Top 5 Home Remedies To Heal Sunburns Fast

We all know the excruciating pain that comes from the red, flaky skin on our bodies after a relaxing day at one of our Florida beaches. The itch is unbearable and the peeling is anything but attractive. Luckily, if treated gently, a sunburn can be well on its way to being healed quickly and naturally.

At Wasserman Ulitsky Dermatology, our doctors make it a priority to address all problems, big and small, with their utmost attention. We encourage everyone to practice prevention by using sunscreen before going out, but once the damage has been done, we’re also here to help rejuvenate your skin after a rough patch under the sun. Dr. Wasserman and Dr. Ulitsky can improve the skin where it has been damaged by the sun with various options such as injectable fillers, phototherapy, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and more, even after healing the skin with these natural remedies.

1. Cool Down – Cold Baths, Cold Milk, Cold Cucumbers!

The first step to quick sunburn relief is to cool down. By taking a cold bath or shower, you will close pores to trap heat that tries to escape from your body. Refrain from using soap since that can dehydrate the skin, and try not to soak for too long, since that can dry the skin as well.

After a refreshing shower or bath, you can slice some cold cucumbers and lay them on the affected area for added relief, or even go for a cool milk compress. Just as you grab a glass of milk after eating something hot or spicy, grabbing some milk after your skin gets hot can relieve the pain and add protein to protect your skin.

2. Moisturize – Aloes & Lotions

You can moisturize with various products, the first being a handy dandy aloe vera gel that can be found at your nearest convenience store. Aloe vera has healing properties that cool and soothe the sting from your sunburn. After some aloe relief, moisturize the skin with a gentle lotion, and reapply for the next few days to avoid worsening your peeling skin.

3. Hydrate – Lots Of Water

Just like any other burn, a sunburn is a burn that dries your skin. Sunburns dehydrate you by drawing the fluids in your body to the skin’s surface. Make sure to keep hydrated by drinking extra water and sports drinks to heal your skin.

4. Take Ibuprofen or Aspirin To Reduce Inflammation

Taking an Advil or a Tylenol can help with immediate discomfort and physical pain from the swelling, redness, and burning. Another over-the-counter medicine you can apply to your burn is a cortisone cream that can soothe and heal your sunburn.

5. Mix Cornstarch Or Baking Soda With Water & Apply

Both cornstarch and baking soda can provide quick relief and a cooling effect similar to milk. The amount you use will depend on the size of the burn. Mix cool water with either cornstarch or baking soda until it reaches a paste-like consistency. Apply the paste over the burn and leave it until the heat has lessened. Rinse the paste completely with cool water afterwards.

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