How Alcohol Affects Your Skin

March 21, 2017

At Wasserman Ulitsky Dermatology, it’s our goal to give you the high-quality skincare that you deserve. As your trusted Venice, FL dermatologist, we strive to offer a comprehensive selection of dermatology services that are guaranteed to give your skin a radiant glow. While we pride ourselves on our services, it’s also important to note that everyday skincare is also required if you want to maintain healthy skin. One common way that many people damage their skin without even knowing it is by consuming too much alcohol. Alcohol can actually affect your skin and we’d like to explain how.

Alcohol Will Dehydrate You

One of the main reasons as to why alcohol is bad for your skin is because it will dehydrate you. It will begin to take a toll on your skin when you have two drinks a day. It will take fluid out of your skin and rob it of water and vital nutrients that it needs to stay healthy. This can end up causing premature wrinkles, making heavy drinkers appear much older than those who don’t drink.

Alcohol Will Cause Skin Inflammations

Alcohol can also be problematic because it can cause inflammations of your skin. A systemic inflammation to the skin caused by drinking alcohol can create a histamine reaction. This reaction is what creates the redness in your skin. If you drink too much over the course of several years, this temporary problem can become permanent.

Drink in a Responsible Manner

While it’s not our goal to cause you to stop drinking ever again, it’s much more important to learn to drink in a responsible manner. If you’re going to drink, try to remember these tips that will do the least damage to your skin:

  • The less often you drink, the better. Try to limit yourself to only a few times a week at most. If you drink more, you’ll increase the damage done to your skin.
  • Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking water along with your alcohol.
  • If you have a choice, drink a clear alcohol. Clearer alcohols will leave your body faster and do less damage. Drinks will also leave your body quicker if you’re younger.

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