December 29, 2016

Here at Wasserman Ulitsky Dermatology, the office of Drs. Justin Wasserman and Olga Ulitsky, our practice is founded on the belief that beautiful skin should be attainable for everyone. We are proud to work with communities in and around the Venice, FL area to prove to them that this is really the case. No matter how you feel about your skin, whether you are worried about acne or dryness, we are here to help. Our advanced dermatologic services cover every aspect of skin care, including: medical dermatology, surgical dermatology, and cosmetic dermatology. We are also always more than happy to offer you suggestions and tips on ways you can maintain healthy and happy skin, such as tips on how to protect your skin while traveling!

Keep In Mind


  • How is My Skin Affected by Flying? Because of climatic changes, dry air, and low oxygen levels, traveling on airplanes commonly dehydrates skin. In these conditions, your skin’s water retention is affected which also can be damaging. Your skin will draw moisture from wherever it can, so in these dry conditions, it will draw moisture from your already dry skin. To compensate, dry skin tends to get drier and oily skin will even get oiler. In order to combat this intense dehydration, remember bring some of your most trusted skin products on the plane with you and stay strict with your routine. The perfect moisturizer or serum for traveling will help reduce sensitivity and will contain lipids, which promote elasticity and protect skin from water loss. Avoid facial mists or warm water towels, as water attracts water, to ensure that you are not drying out your skin.

  • How Can I Best Prepare My Skin Before My Flight? You can start to work towards prevention even two weeks prior to travel! Find the perfect hydrating mask or cream and begin to incorporate it into your routine to help prevent bad skin reactions while traveling.

  • What About During My Flight? Hydration is particularly key during your flight. Pick your poison, whether it is light exfoliation or intense hydration, and don’t forget to use it in-flight for best results.

  • Is There Anything I Should Do After My Flight? Continue to moisturize and rejuvenate your skin after the flight is done. The change in weather conditions oxygen levels will confuse your skin and leave it feeling dry and irritated. Try your favorite soothing or calming mask, lotion or oil for optimal protection!

  • Is There Anything I Can Do That Does Not Involve Putting Something On My Face? Drinking plenty of water will promote the health of your skin cells, and getting enough sleep will help repair damaged cells and rebalance your hydration.

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