Expert Cosmetic Dermatology Services

Dr. Justin Wasserman and Dr. Olga Ulitsky provide expert cosmetic dermatology to Venice & the surrounding area patients. Together, our doctors are able to offer comprehensive treatment solutions to the patients served at our clinic. Our clinic’s care team is committed to creating a positive experience for our patients seeking dermatological treatments to improve skin health and appearance. The WassermanUlitsky Dermatology clinic has helped patients improve their quality of life for thirty years; we look forward to helping you, too.
Patients seeking exceptional cosmetic dermatologist services will find exactly what they need at the WassermanUlitsky clinic.

A Higher Degree of Professional Service

Every service we offer is conducted by clinical professionals skilled in providing exceptional treatment. Our reputation for excellence, patient satisfaction, and outstanding results has made us a preferred location in Venice for cosmetic dermatology. If you have questions or concerns about the many treatment options available to you, Dr. Wasserman or Dr. Ulitsky will be happy to help. We can develop a personalized course of treatment that helps you meet your particular care goals.
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