Juvederm Volbella review

December 29, 2016

theskinY ON SKIN posted an informative review on Volbella:

“What makes this filler unique is its patented Vycross  technology which, through more efficient crosslinking, produces greater lift capacity and longer lasting results. In fact, a company-led study found that over 90% of test patients reported natural looking lips with more than 80% of them still satisfied with their results after one year. Having such a high satisfactory rate after such a long period of time is something to smile about: Previous lip fillers typically last up to 6 months, before your body breaks it up, leaving you with a deflated pout.

Additionally, Volbella is a softer, smoother gel that allows for easier injection.  Its lower HA concentration also means that it is less hydrophilic (less likely to absorb water) resulting in reduced swelling and a more natural result.  Translation: Goodbye fish lips.

Another plus: “Volbella adds a nice silky sheen finish to the lips, which is a feature that I haven’t seen before in the other five fillers I’ve used so far,” states one of the nurses profiled in the blog…

The reviewers were able to video tape a procedure and “…in an email a day after the treatment, the patient described the process as relatively pain free. “I just felt a pinch and it seemed to inject quite smoothly. I was a bit swollen the first few days but no bruising at all.” And a month later she writes back, “I am totally in love with my new, sexy lips! They look like a natural, improved version of my old lips.”

Our very own Elizabeth underwent the procedure. Check out her photos:

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