The Best Natural Remedy for Clear Skin

May 13, 2017

As your expert dermatologist, we at Wasserman Ulitsky Dermatology aim to provide you with the best in skincare. While we’re proud to offer some of the finest and most effective dermatology services that you’ll find in and around Venice, FL, there’s actually an even better natural remedy for attaining clear and healthy skin. The best part is that you won’t have to undergo some lengthy or demanding process to attain this remedy and the remedy itself is practically free. Your immediate thought may be that this is some kind of magic, but it’s actually not – it’s just water!

How Water Can Affect Your Skin

Your skin cells, like any other organ cells, require water to function properly. Water can deliver nutrients to the skin cells and maintain an optimal level of moisture in the skin. It can also replenish the skin tissue, increase its elasticity, and flush out toxins, giving a person’s skin a radiant glow. On the flip side, if you’re not getting enough water, there can be negative effects on your skin. Acne breakouts and blemishes can occur when your skin is more heavily covered in oil rather than water. The lack of hydration will cause your skin to get tight, dry, and flaky. Dry skin is also more prone to wrinkling and developing fine lines. While all these effects of water on a person’s skin seem to be common and well-known, there actually haven’t been many scientific studies to back up what seems to be completely apparent. Who knows? Maybe it really is magic!

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