At WassermanUlitsky Dermatology, we offer a variety of state of the art technologies to help with various skin concerns. We treat a variety of medical conditions including sun damage, age spots, broken blood vessels, acne scarring, and offer overall facial resurfacing to stimulate collagen. All laser treatments are performed by Board Certified Professionals.

Please call for a consultation to determine your customized treatment plan. Your medical provider will go over your medical history prior to your treatment.

Time: 20-90 minutes


Intense pulse light (IPL) is used to treat conditions related to sun-induced skin damage, AKA “photofacial.” IPL uses a broad spectrum of light, which is absorbed by brown and red pigment in the skin and is effective in reducing the appearance of sun spots, broken capillaries, and fine lines. This procedure has minimal downtime and most patients may go back to work the same day. For this reason, IPL is also known as a “lunchtime procedure.” No topical anesthetic is required prior to treatment.

Non-ablative Skin Resurfacing (ResurFX)

ResurFX works as a skin resurfacing treatment by using heat energy from the laser to stimulate deeper layers of the skin to produce new collagen and elastic fibers. As the new collagen is produced, the skin becomes firmer, tighter, and more youthful. This is also a great treatment for acne scarring in teens and adults alike. This procedure has minimal downtime and most people are able to return to work the same day. This skin treatment is safe for most skin types. Although topical anesthetic is not required, we recommend topical numbing for 30 minutes prior to procedure.

Photofractional Treatment (IPL followed by ResurFX)

Photofractional treatment is a complete laser rejuvenation solution. The first step of the treatment is IPL to remove brown and red spots. The second step is ResurFX, which uses very minute columns of heat to stimulate collagen production over time, thereby improving the skin’s overall texture. This is considered a “lunchtime treatment” with minimal downtime. Before performing ResurFX, we recommend topical anesthetic for 30 minutes.

Ablative Skin Resurfacing (AcuPulse)

AcuPulse is an ablative CO2 skin resurfacing treatment that is fast, effective and efficient for eliminating wrinkles, acne scars, and brown spots, as well as tightening of the skin. It removes dull, outer layers of the skin and, therefore, creates a fresh surface and dramatically stimulates collagen. The laser carefully and precisely vaporizes the outer layer of the skin, called the epidermis. The deeper layer, called the dermis, when heated, stimulates new collagen and provides new structure to the skin. Results are seen soon after completing the procedure, and continue to be seen over the next three to six months while collagen production takes place. Most people experience downtime lasting about one week. Redness after the procedure may last longer, but is easily covered with makeup. We recommend numbing with a topical anesthetic for 30 minutes prior to the procedure.

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